Wonder who’s benefited from a personal security app?

A security app today is a major help that one can imagine in a difficult situation. Trouble won’t come to your door but security is always on alert! These apps come in handy when you have an unexpected emergency. But ever wondered who else could such apps come out useful to? Here’s a list of  a band of users who could really benefit from safety apps.

  • Delivery executives: Delivery professionals or salesmen are in a major threat of any unexpected situation. Who can imagine what is waiting beyond the door they knock? Hence live tracking can be useful for such professionals in day-to-day life. There’s a probability that 2 out of 100 doors that are knocked off can be a potential threat. Similarly, if you are somebody who is home alone and has a delivery coming on the same day, you are bound to be nervous about safety. Hence, a safety app for women can come in handy here.
  • Realtors: So you have to show a property five kilometres away from the main city. You have zero understanding of the prospects and you are worried about your safety. But business is what is supposed to be done! Similarly, if you were the client who is checking the property out, you are looking for your safety. Irrespective of who is in the question safety becomes important. Hence a family safety app can come in handy when you want to keep live updates on your loved ones.
  • Travellers: Staying in the shell is not the way to life. But exploring can come with risks. Though this doesn’t justify that you should not travel. Travelling comes with essential safety tips like avoiding night travels, hitchhiking and much more. But a traveller should keep a travel safety app in check so that if by any chance there is a mishap in an unknown land, you’ll know you have somebody watching you from home.
  • Cab drivers: It would be horrifying to have mysterious eye contact with a man sitting behind in your cab while you have just started your journey to his destination. Most of the time you are confused because you’re supposed to stay focused on driving but also have to be anxious about such a difficult peril. Hence a security app like The UrSafe comes with a voice-activated SOS feature that helps you out in situations like these. All you have to do is speak your safe words and an SOS is triggered to your emergency contacts.

Last but not the least, you, me and everybody can be the ideal user of a family safety app. That’s because times are changing and are becoming more unpredictable. The best we can do is to keep tabs on each other’s locations and have a smart safety app installed. This not only saves time but also increases our chances of safety.

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