Matchmaking rating or rank is a seasonal rank which determines the player’s level of skill. They will achieve this by playing ranked games every season. Ranks will differ depending on your performance in every game. Although there are a lot of factors that influence MMR calculation which some are still held secret by Valve.

New ranking system in DotA 2

Since 2017, all DotA 2 players experienced the new MMR system through rank medals. These medal ranks are influenced by the numerical value of matchmaking rating which will vary freely depending when a player wins or loses the game. The average point that will be added or taken out from your MMR is 25 points per game.

Calibration of MMR will always depend on a lot of factors determined by Valve based on your matches. Rank calibration will begin once you start playing in ranked games. You need to complete all 10 games to achieve a rank. The previous rank system allows you to play with a party or solo in which you will be given 10 matches to fulfill each mode. However, the current system update already merged the two modes. You only need to finish 10 matches in either solo or party with either a core or a support role.

There are eight (8) distinct medals which determines your tier in the new ranking system.

  • Herald (0 to 720 MMR)
  • Guardian (840 to 1,560 MMR)
  • Crusader (1,680 to 2,400 MMR)
  • Archon (2,520 to 3,240 MMR)
  • Legend (3,360 to 4,080 MMR)
  • Ancient (4,200 to 4,920 MMR)
  • Divine (5,040 to 5.760 MMR)
  • Immortal (6,000+ MMR)

Each rank has also specific levels which vary on the MMR you have. Every player will only be able to play with players on their tier in solo mode. However, if you wish to play with your friends, there is a specific allowable MMR bracket that you need to possess as a party. Gap in MMR should not exceed to 2,000 otherwise you will be prohibited in playing with other players in your party.

How to have a high MMR calibration?

There are a lot of factors that Valve uses as basis to your MMR calibration. Some factors are kept secret by Valve whilst others are already known by players. The very basic but the most important factor for MMR calibration is your skill. Your gameplay really has a huge impact on determining your medal. If you’re playing core (Carry, Mid, Offlane), you basically need to have a high Gold Per Minute (GPM) and your kills should always surpass your deaths. If you’re playing soft or hard support, gold per minute is not really a big deal because your main role is to help your core farm fast in order to buy essential items in the early game. What matters the most in playing support is the ability to provide all the supporting items, being able to stack camps for your core, and help all the cores in their respective lanes hence rotation must be observed.

During calibration, if you have low skills but wishes to have a high MMR, you can actually ask for help from your friends in boosting your MMR. You can also avail for a DotA 2 boost to secure a high rank in the game. There are a lot of boosting services offered nowadays but just make sure you go for the legitimate ones.

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