How to give your Database the best use and increase your Ecommerce Revenue

Whether you’re working your Email Marketing strategy inhouse or with an ecommerce email marketing agency  you already know the importance of having a good quality database or email list. Sometimes we’ve been collecting emails throughout the life of our business but have never been able to understand how to use it to increase our revenue.

How to leverage this data and improve Ecommerce Marketing and Sales strategies?

  • Segment: this is the first step in email marketing and other brand messaging forms. Group your customers into relevant segments to send customized and accurate messages depending on their behaviour/interests. Segmentation will depend on how much data you’re collecting from your customers/store visitors.
  • Programmatic Advertising: This type of ads use targeting and retargeting to appear on strategic steps of the customer journey throughout a visitor search.
  • Create Dynamic Content: there are some email marketing platforms such as Klaviyo that change the content of your web pages or emails based on the profile receiving the message. These platforms track past digital activities and other data.
  • Leverage customers feedback: Asking your email list to answer some surveys with feedback or reviews is also a good strategy to build trust and increase engagement.
  • Email Campaigns: You can also take advantage of your list by sending them regular Newsletters or occasional Promo Campaigns to engage and convert throughout the year.
  • Automated Emails or Flows: If you have an ecommerce, you’re probably familiar with transactional emails but there are also some flows that are more focused on branding that can also help you with returning customers or upsells.

The reality is that what’s most important in having a Database is to continue growing it through lead generation and taking care of your customers by sending them relevant content and an excellent customer experience.

Whether you’re sending flow emails or campaigns, keep in mind that the content should always be aligned with your brand guidelines. Subject Lines are as important as the content itself, mainly because it is the very first thing your subscribers see, your introduction. If you have no idea how to come up with good catchy subject lines you can always take a look into these 200+ Great Email Subject Lines For Ecommerce Stores and get inspired!

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