Electronic signatures and IT operations


Most organizations rapidly adapting to the trend of shifting toward digitization. Greater computing power is working in a hybrid fashion across the system. Smart devices and AI have introduced new computing elements.

Though most organizations have turned digital, they still need paper documents when signing and approving essential documents, such as deals and contracts. This is the main reason for delays. It harms organizations in terms of money, and time, regulatory compliance and reduces the speed of business. This is not an unsurpassable hindrance. Turning to eSignatures can do the trick with an electronic endorsement of digital documents.

Adopting eSignatures

Making the eSignature software part of the organization’s workflow, such as implementing eSignature solutions for IT operations, looks like a logical upgrade. It has a tremendous transformative impact. Documents can be endorsed from anywhere and at any time with no need to have physical paper documents printed, signed, scanned, and mailed.

Generally, eSignature softwares have analytic capabilities.  They can seamlessly integrate with content management, CRM, digital asset, and contract management systems.  This provides an excellent experience for the buyer as well as the seller.  For example, when eSignature software is integrated with a CRM platform and a deal is closed, complete information is available on how the deal was achieved and how much time it took to close it.

Signeasy for IT operations

As high as 93% of IT leaders firmly believe that digitally managing documents is key to running a business efficiently. This also includes electronically signing documents, such as contracts and deals. It is essential to do the paperwork efficiently so that the performance of IT operations is not hampered. Signeasy can come to aid organizations in this respect with its innovative eSignature software.

●     Compliance

Businesses are constantly trying harder to improve compliance by optimizing their workflows to stay in the top position. With Signeasy’s electronic signature solution, anyone can maintain audit trails for all paperwork. This will provide evidentiary support for the IT policy documents and asset transfer authorizations. Currently, the best-in-class businesses are adopting such electronic signature solutions that are fully integrated so that their company, documents, and content processes get more refined.

●     Anywhere, anytime

When a business needs to maintain strong document collaboration between customers, partners, and employees; such businesses can go in for electronic signature technology. The IT department of the organization can provide them with eSignature facilities and enable all stakeholders to easily and quickly sign documents from wherever they may be located. Electronic signatures make it much easier for organizations to partner with vendors for processing and asset management.

●     Speedy sign-offs and approvals

With the Signeasy electronic signature solution, it becomes easy for IT operations departments to request signatures from all stakeholders, wherever they may be located. With it all being in the digital format, the task can be completed in just a few minutes rather than in several days, as was the case with the traditional system of physical paperwork. The sooner approvals are given, the faster the execution of orders and procurement will be made.

When IT operations implement the electronic signature solution in the organization, it will not remain limited to just signing invoices, contracts, and other documents.  It will work as an overall solution for much-improved documentation, creation, sharing, and security.

●     Easy asset tracking

When the organization reduces paper use and goes digital and implements electronic signature technology, such as Signeasy, it becomes much quicker and more convenient. The information will be in digital format and will be electronically signed. This will prove beneficial to IT teams in maintaining track of the assets in a much more organized manner than the traditional way.


The technology of electronic signatures is an integral part of routine and sophisticated IT operations. eSignature apps, such as Signeasy, help organizations to be better structured and more productive, and such organizations perform far better than those that have not implemented eSignatures. Organizations that have turned to digitally signing documents will have quicker and more effective workflows. Their IT operations will be compliant, speedily done, with better results, and approved from anywhere and at any time.

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