Does digital marketing work

Is it necessary to engage a 디지털마케팅에이전시 for your digital marketing and does it really work? Digital marketing is an option for business that might just be great.  Most businesses are using digital marketing to help in various businesses to be able to grow – from small businesses to international businesses and beyond. That seems to be the beauty of being able to advertise online. If you know who you are targeting, you can utilize digital marketing to target anyone.

However after that being said, there are certain business types that will end up benefiting from certain digital advertising types. The following are some of the strategies that tend to work best for different businesses.

B2C businesses

To speak generally, the B2C companies have a lot of lower price points as compared to the B2B. It is because, it might be hard selling a drill bit of $150,00 to a harried mom but when it comes to pair of pants of $10, it is a sell that is straightforward.

Because the B2C businesses are not trying to sell products which are expensive, they don’t require big teams for sales or marketing funnels that are complicated. All they have to do is to get their services or products in front of the correct audience with the correct message and the rest will take care of itself.

Because of that, the goal of a majority of B2C businesses is to ensure people are through and into their funnel of marketing. An example is to get the harried mom to the clothing website, offering her with a deal that is quite exciting, chances are that, she will instantly buy it.  You don’t require building a ton of trust or brand awareness before you can end up closing a sale.

Having that in mind, the B2C companies normally see big results from marketing channels of high funnel like social media or the paid social advertising.  The channels do a big job of getting to your business in front of your potential customers who might not have any clue that you exist.

Now, when you supplement with other strategies of digital marketing like the SEO or paid search, it becomes a good idea but if you have to select one channel to start with, paid advertising on social media or marketing on social media might be the best options when it comes to B2C.

B2B businesses

When it comes to B2B businesses, the paid search might be a great option. Majority of the B2B companies tend to have specific audience for their niche which can be hard targeting using the social media. But selling the $150,000 drill bits and that being the first result you want to be seen, you will be required to pay more for the click as you would when it comes to paid social advertising.

But with the high price tag, it becomes money well invested.  Additionally, majority of the B2B businesses have a more involved and much longer sales cycle as compared to the B2C businesses. In most cases, you will require a long term strategy such as email marketing or content marketing to be able to close a deal with the B2B.

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