Career Fair Platform

What is a Career Fair Platform?

The first time a recruiter sets up a virtual career fair, their first job is to choose a platform.  If the recruiter doesn’t have a computer background, this may be difficult for them.  It might help for them to think of the career fair platform in the literal sense:  a platform is the foundation that the software stands on.

How to Choose a Career Fair Platform

The best way to choose a career fair platform is to choose a top-notch company that specializes in virtual career fairs.  When the company does this kind of platform work all day every day for years, they establish a reputation.  Look for a virtual career fair company that is experienced, and offers the features the company needs.  Look for a virtual career fair company that will provide the assistance needed to make the career fair successful right from the beginning.

What a Platform Should Do

When an employer chooses an excellent career fair platform, they can expect to be able to utilize many different functions during the virtual career fair.

Probably the most important function of the best career fair platform is making it possible for job applicants and hiring managers to talk to each other easily.  With a good software platform, the applicants feel comfortable sitting in front of their computer and conversing with the employer or recruiter.

A good platform will be technically strong.  The people will be able to see each other clearly and hear each other clearly.  The connection should not get interrupted easily.  Of course, some of this will also be controlled by the strength of the signal from the applicant, but the platform itself should be impeccable.

An excellent career fair platform will allow the recruiters and the applicants to choose different forms of communication.  For example, a virtual career fair for IT people might include the ability to share projects that the applicant has created.

The best career fair platform will also give applicants and recruiters the opportunity to have text chats, or audio-only calls, or video/audio calls.

Candidate Data

Another feature of a good career fair platform is the ability to easily collect candidate data. Nothing is more frustrating to a recruiter than having a good interview with a candidate and then not being able to find their resume later.

Candidate data should be easy to access while also protecting the confidentiality of the applicant.  Conversely, the candidates should be able to easily send thank-you notes to the companies they have interacted with.

Talk to the Best Candidates First 

On an excellent career fair platform, applicants can be asked to fill out a registration form before they enter the company.  This is a way for employers to sort out the candidates that have the right qualifications.  Those candidates are placed at the beginning of the line, making it much easier for recruiters.  The recruiters and employers don’t necessarily have to talk to every candidate that registers, which saves time for both the employer and the candidate.

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