Digital Marketing is Convenient and Cost-Effective. Technology today dynamically influences the business world, in several ways. Expanding business, connecting with new clients and prospects all over the globe, happens online now.  Businesses can benefit by tapping the opportunities that digital marketing offers and hence, digital marketing is the way to […]

Using cold storage, you can store Bitcoins offline. In other words, it is an offline Bitcoin Wallet. When cold storage is implemented, digital wallets remain off the internet, so they are protected against unauthorized access, cyber attacks, and other vulnerabilities that can compromise systems that are connected to the internet. […]

Microsoft improves its AI translations with Z-Code

Microsoft today announced an update to its translation services that, thanks to new machine learning techniques, promises significantly improved translations between a large number of language pairs. Based on its Project Z-Code, which uses a “spare Mixture of Experts” approach, these new models now often score between 3% and 15% better than the […]