What are dedicated servers and when do you need them

Any new website owner is always looking for ways to cut costs with their hosting options so they mostly opt for shared hosting. No one will blame you if you do that with your new website because it is after all the cheapest option and staying within your budget is a very important aspect of business. Also, the website still doesn’t have that much traffic to warrant anything better than shared hosting.

However, as people start noticing your website and business starts doing well, you realize that traffic starts to grow too. When that happens, you need to find a better solution for your website so that your website can handle all that traffic without being stretched too much. That is where dedicated hosting comes in.

When we talk about dedicated hosting, we mean that you should have your website hosted on its own server where it is not sharing the space on the server with other websites. Your website has all the processing power the server has to offer to itself. There are several benefits that this presents and, in this article, I will be looking at the instances when you should upgrade from shared hosting to dedicated hosting.

When you anticipate an increase in traffic

The first reason why you need dedicated hosting is when you anticipate an increase in traffic to your website. Mostly, you will anticipate a spike in traffic to your website after you carry out a serious marketing and promotion campaign through the various ways available to you. The new people your campaign will be reaching will be interested in checking out your website and when that happens, the performance of your website can drop significantly if your site is hosted on shared hosting. Poor performance usually leads to a higher bounce rate which could lead to a significant loss in revenue. To avoid all these, you should migrate your site to baremetal servers before you start losing money.

When security is important to you

You also need to consider using a dedicated server, if you have security concerns with your website. Security is particularly important if your website deals with sensitive and personal information. For instance, if your website processes credit card payments or handles sensitive customer information, it is important that you protect the information and the website from hacks, viruses, and other risks that are always lingering on the internet. A dedicated server gives you full control of your site’s security. You are able to optimize various features for specific requirements.

When you want to achieve optimal loading times for your website

Lastly, you will need a dedicated server if speed of great importance to your operation. How fast your page loads can significantly impact every aspect of your website. A slowly-loading page can result in low engagement metrics and increased bounce rates. With a dedicated server, you can optimize this aspect of the site. Shared servers don’t allow you to control security or manage various metrics on your site

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