The Internet Setting The Employment Scene

In the post-pandemic era, the world and society are changing rapidly, and so are managers and recruiters around the world shifting to newer forms of recruitment. E-Recruitment via online hiring events is common now as the whole world spends considerable time on the internet while stuck at home.

Initiating the uninitiated:

Till the pandemic, the known mode of recruitment were significant events where many qualified freshers and job seekers would gather. Through a series of rounds of evaluations and interviews, they would get a job. After the pandemic, this scenario has changed, as a physical gathering of many people is not primarily feasible. Thus the different E-Recruitment drives take place.

How does it work?

A lot of people search online for specific jobs in their fields.

  • Businesses use applicant tracking software to gather a pool of applicants based on their needs.
  • There are particular recruitment software used to generate targeted advertisements of jobs to specific users via their Social Media or email.
  • Interested applicants apply. On the commencement of the application process, they receive a link to the online hiring events they are specifically interested in.
  • Via video conference, the recruiter evaluates the applicants, and thus they select the best choice.

Advantages of Online Hiring:

The E-Recruitment process has changed the way we think about the job placement scenario. It has its own unique advantages.

  • Use of Data-driven Software, thus ensuring the recruiter is connected with specific profiles which are suitable for the position.
  • Minimization of time: Generally, physical recruitment drives can become a long, elaborate process, hindering quickly recruiting a candidate if there is an emergency vacancy.
  • Saves paperwork: We know the considerable ecological importance of saving paper. The switch to an online form of hiring ensures that there would be minimal wastage as most of the paperwork is done via their soft copies.
  • Economically friendly: With the exemption of office spaces and their charges, this recruitment mode saves a lot of money.

Disadvantages of the process:

Every process has its fair share of demerits, and so does E-Hiring.

  • Informality: the whole process is done online, and it sometimes involves the use of social media. It sometimes may lead to a lack of credibility for companies and their brand name.
  • Fake Ads and spam: Sometimes, fake advertisements of jobs are posted online or mailed to users to collect personal data.
  • Fake Applications: It is a case where counterfeit applications are made using fraudulent methods to gather information about a company and its employees.

Things to keep in mind while applying:

  • In-depth and thorough research of the company you are applying for will help you gain a detailed insight into the prospective job.
  • Updation of the Curriculum Vitae and Resumes according to the jobs applied for, creating a good impression with the hiring professionals.
  • Being on time: Sometimes, the links to the video conferences are active only;y for a short period, and thus punctuality is critical.
  • Communicating further with the recruiters and before applying.
  • Getting short answers to commonly asked questions ready. Since video conference recruiting limits the opportunity to elucidate an answer fully.


During the ongoing pandemic, the problem of unemployment is also a rising problem. The switch to online hiring events ensures that qualified and deserving candidates at least get a scope to display their skills and get hired without risking going outside.

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