MilesWeb Review – Here’s the Best Hosting Provider for VPS Server

If you are finding it tough to select the best VPS hosting provider, I will help you resolve the query.

I have curated this small guide to talk about MilesWeb, which is the best VPS provider globally. The company offers several hosting services, including VPS.

The best thing about MilesWeb is that they are inexpensive. Their services have served many users around the world. When they began their journey as the hosting provider, they had only one aim: to provide cheap hosting services.

The company has the best support team and features for all their web hosting services. Believe me, MilesWeb will meet your expectations well.

It is crucial to choose the authentic and best web hosting provider for your website. If their services are not apt, you will face numerous problems. You need both better servers and services to grow into your field.

I believe MilesWeb is the correct provider for your website.

Why Do I Choose VPS Server?

As a beginner, you started with shared hosting, correct?

As your website starts receiving heavier traffic, the shared server becomes incapable of managing that many visitors. It gets slow in its performance and the website loading time increases.

If you don’t want to hinder the growth of your business, switching to VPS is essential.

Shared hosting provides a good hosting experience, but it has limitations. You share the server with a lot many website owners. Your resources are also not completely yours. As you share everything with many other users, security becomes a concern after a period.

As a business owner, you always want to grow more and achieve success. You never think of staying in the same place. With continuous shared hosting service even after growth in traffic means staying in the same place. There is no rise in success.

A VPS server can help you with managing the incoming heavier traffic. It will provide you with better uptime, security and an isolated environment.

A VPS server offers every user a small virtual private server. You will have all resources for your website and will not share them with anyone like a shared server.

With VPS, your website performance enhances. It gives more possibilities for future growth.

MilesWeb VPS Servers

MilesWeb has two types of VPS Servers. You can buy either of them – Linux VPS and Windows VPS servers.

Both VPS servers have many plans under them. MilesWeb also provides a 25% discount on all VPS plans. But the deal is to purchase for 3years.

The beginner’s Linux VPS hosting plan costs $9/m after a 25% discount. You will get all the required features and some advanced specifications as well.

MilesWeb offers both managed/unmanaged VPS hosting services. They give users an option to choose the best suitable plan.

Managed VPS hosting works best for users with non-technical skills or who don’t have enough time to look after the server. MilesWeb’s team gives their best in managing your server.

If you purchase managed services, you will get 24/7 assistance if there’s any query or changes to be made.

Unmanaged VPS hosting works best for users with technical knowledge. Users who want to take care of the server opt for unmanaged services. If you are technically sound and can look after your server, go for unmanaged VPS hosting.

You will get all permission to manage the server as you want. You can install heavy web applications, customize, monitor whenever you want.

MilesWeb VPS Hosting Benefits

As I said, MilesWeb offers tons of benefits with VPS hosting plans. You will never regret after purchasing their service.

24/7 Human Support – MilesWeb’s expert team is available at your service 24/7. If you are opting for managed services, you will get 24/7 customer support for everything from the physical machine to virtual servers.

In the case of unmanaged VPS hosting, you will get 24/7 support for the physical machine. They will assist you at any time and resolve your queries.

Easy Upgrade – You can upgrade your plans at any time. As you grow, you might need to upgrade the plan or switch to another server. That is why MilesWeb offers the flexibility of easy upgrades.

Host Many Websites – You can host unlimited websites on your server without any complications. There will be no restriction on the number of websites you want to host. It is your private server so take advantage of it.

SSL Certificate – You will get a free SSL certificate from MilesWeb with all VPS hosting plans. It will help secure your website’s contents and provide secured space to your visitors.

Dedicated IP – MilesWeb VPS plans will give you one dedicated IP, which will be exclusively for your website. No other website will share the IP address with you.

How to Start with MilesWeb VPS Plans?

You can select one plan from the available plans. After you register and purchase with the company, MilesWeb will set up the account immediately.

Conclusion –

MilesWeb is the most affordable VPS hosting provider. They offer cheap VPS plans ranging from $9/month after a 25% discount.

Their features are great and provide quality services.

You will get one dedicated IP address, free SSL, dedicated resources, and a lot of features with MilesWeb.

If you want the best user experience, I can’t think of any other provider other than MilesWeb.

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