Livestream – View Your Content On Your Mobile Device, Tablet Or Computer

You can View your videos on your mobile device, tablet or computer. Livestream app can search, watch and stream your content directly from your mobile device. Stream live to your mobile phone or tablet straight from your device or browser. Enjoy live television events on your small screen via the built in web cam.

Livestream allows you to record any live event, be it sports, music concerts, live shows, or movies, and then watch them on your TV at your convenience. This is unlike most streaming services that require you to download and install specific software.

With Livestream all you need to do is, install the app and connect your devices to the internet with free or paid internet providers. Once connected, Livestream will automatically begin streaming the content from the device. The latest versions of both the iPhone and iPad allow users to cast their own videos to Livestream. As an added benefit, this new service will further enable the young people involved in streaming to earn money through advertising on their streams.

Livestream Singapore has an easy to use interface and its free to join, as well as available on Google Play, and app stores. The main advantage of using Livestream is that it is a cost-effective live streaming platform. Unlike YouTube and other live streaming platforms, Livestream charges only about $20 monthly for unlimited access to a large audience.

As compared to the other live streaming platforms, this proves to be a better option for smaller and independent artists and small businesses to attract attention and get their content viewed by targeted audiences.

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