Google’s Page Experience Algorithm Updates 2021: How It Will Impact?

Nobody is left unheard about Google’s page experience algorithm update, especially e-commerce owners and bloggers. Google has postponed the launch of the update to mid-June, where the Core Web Vitals would be seen in ranking. Initially, it was scheduled to launch in May, but now Google has decided to give some more timeframe to site owners for managing their sites according to Google Page Experience Update in June 2021.

Google stated recently that the update of Page Experience will begin in the middle of June, but the full effect can be seen at the end of August. They have postponed the update just to evaluate the effects of unintentional or unanticipated or difficulties.

In the initial rolls out, major changes on the website would not be expected until the update will fully come into effect, says Google. Page experience will be considered important in several criteria in web page rankings.

Moreover, in an update on the Page Experience, Google News also changes a little where the use of non-AMP content through mobile applications and will be expanded. Google will delete AMP badges to signal about the AMP content as well.

All other information about the upgrade for Page Experience will remain the same as the results of searches.

The Google Search Console has released a report on a new Page Experience last month, the report of Core Web Vitals and other page experience signals are included in it. Some of them are rationalized below:

  • The Usability of Mobile: if a website wants a good ranking, its URL must not have any error related to mobile usability.
  • Security Concerns: A site would disqualify its good status if it has any security concerns.
  • Usage of HTTPS: A good experience can be acquired by serving page over HTTPS.
  • Loading Speed: Each website owner already knows the significance of page loading speed. This factor is also taken into account in a good Page Experience.
  • Advertisement Experience: A site must not have advertisements that will interrupt, distract, and are not useful for an excellent user experience. If a site is reported to have a poor advertising experience, all pages on the website will be regarded as a terrible page experience. The assessment report of all these factors in a good user page experience will measure the percentage of URLs on a site. Website owners can get benefits from these reports, as they will be able to go through such factors of page experience signal.

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