Flowbot One Handling System

Flow robotics flow bot one is a flexible and user-friendly liquid handling that is used for the automation of pipetting tasks in laboratories such as Covid labs.

Flowbot ONE Description

Flowbot ONE was designed with the agenda of making pipetting much easier and it has an intuitive user interface, making it simple to learn and easy to change if any procedures within the laboratory alternate. The flow bot ONE is a plug-and-play solution that has very high precision and has been developed for abrupt adjustment.

Automating pipetting should not be a very difficult problem and that’s why Flow Bot ONE is the most amazing robotic aspect you need to have when you have such a firm and it is easy to use as you can learn how to use it in just a few hours. All the things you used to pipette manually, you can pipette it with flow bot as it makes work easier for you and it is more flexible as compared to you fixing things since you might get tired and make a mistake in one part where flow bot has no mistakes to it.

Another advantage of flow bot ONE is that you can make it adjust to various changes taking place in your laboratory. You don’t have to programme it for long term purposes since things do change from time to time and it is very user friendly so any time you want to make changes it conforms to those changes with immediate effect.


An Application Example

When the pandemic stroke there was a huge demand for various laboratories to come up with the cure of the virus and the number of human practitioners was not enough to make the many samples that were to be used across the world. That’s when Denmark heard of the flow bot and decided to give it a try in its laboratories. After various laboratories saw that the flow bot ONE pipetting robot was doing wonders for the labs in Denmark, they decided to try it out in their labs and they saw results.

The laboratories that decided to use flow bot robots have been producing very many vaccine samples in a day compared to the labs that are producing them manually. All they need to do is to programme it and it will carry out its speculated duty for many hours without tiring and this is why it can produce very many vaccines in a day.


Since the flow bot is an automated liquid handling system, it’s easier for it to be changed to adjust to its required functions. Having such a robot in your company is very essential mainly when you need to produce various things like drugs in large quantities in a short period. As time goes by such robots are the ones that will keep getting used over a long period and manual labour will not be required as much which is a good and bad thing at the same time since people will lose their jobs and still work will be done faster.

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