Everything to know about the content creation in onlyfans

What is onlyfans? There are several social media platforms out there that let people share their media content in various forms with millions of other users. Onlyfans is also such a social media platform where you can share content on anything you wish. However, you will get paid for it. But the onlyfans community would not pay you. Instead, the followers who get to see your videos or photos would pay you on a subscription basis. All you have to do is to create an onlyfans account and start posting your content. You can monetize your account whenever you feel it is the right time to do so. If you can manage to take your onlyfans account to a greater extent in terms of the number of subscribers, you can make millions out of it.

Account creation

The account creation process is the easiest thing to do in the onlyfans community that would not make you worry about any kind of hassles. All you have to do is to visit the platform and create your account by providing the necessary details to the admin. You can hide your real identity to the onlyfans users if you wish. However, it is necessary to tell the admin people about your real identity. You need not pay anything for the account creation process on the platform. Within a few steps, your account would be ready to go and you can start posting your content and attract followers. In the beginning stages, you would have to put your content for free to get some attention. After that, you can try charging for it. However, it is necessary to make sure that your content is somewhat different and it is worthy of paying money. Else, you could not get followers.


You can find several onlyfans promo websites out there that could help you get more followers at once. Else, you can promote your page yourself using your social media influence. However, your second step should be reaching as many people as you can to acquire followers for your account. So, you can earn more when you monetize your account.

Monetization of your content

As the main objective of posting content on onlyfans is to earn money by monetizing the content, you should fix a subscription rate for your followers or fans to be able to see your content. No random person would be able to see the exclusive content you post on the platform without subscribing to your account. There is no subscription fee for the user to enter the platform. However, content creators themselves would ask for a fee for their work. If the person likes your work, he can subscribe with the rate you fix and watch all your content. The subscribers could also chat with you and build relationships on the platform. So, your next step should be to fix a nominal price for the monthly subscription for your users. You should make sure it is not overpriced.

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